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A delegation of the President of the Union of Arab Doctors in Ukraine and the membership of Dr. Mohammed Hajoj participated, and Dr. Victor Zafazon and Dr. Marina Zafazon in the conference, 31 of the Union of Arab Doctors in Europe prior to the 31st conference of the Union of Arab doctors in Europe and in the city of Fujairah – United Arab Emirates – entitled ” Advances in Contemporary Medicine .” And throw it across a number of lectures and presidency some scientific sessions.

On the first day of the conference: there were four lectures co-delegation, where they read Dr. Mohammad Hojouj two lectures, the first entitled: The Effect of Body Mass Index on Prognostic Features of Breast Cancer Treatment, and the second entitled: Principle of Preoperative Anesthesia in the Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer.

And read Dr. Rami Abu shamsiah lecture entitled: Advantages and disadvantages of laparoscopic interventions in emergency abdominal surgery, and DR. Victor Zafazion: Optimization of anesthetic management of peri- and postoperative period in patients under surgical treatment of colorectal cancer .

Where Dr. Rami Abu shamsiah definition briefly Association  of Arab doctors in Ukraine and administrative board, activities and achievements that have been achieved during the period since its inception at the end of 2014.

It was also an extended meeting between members of the official delegation of Arab Doctors Union in Ukraine with members of the administrative board of the Union of Arab doctors in Europe, which discussed ways to develop relations through the second representation of the Arab Doctors Union in Ukraine in the Arab Doctors Union in Europe.

On the second day of the conference has been expanded introductory lecture by the Union of doctors in Ukraine, objectives, activities and achievements and future schemes and ways to interact with the unions of Arab Doctors around the world.

As Dr. Mohammed Hojouj lecture entitled: The Method Of Complex Treatment And Individualization Of Prognosis For Advanced Forms Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

It was also a nother meetings on the sidelines of the conference, the most important bilateral meeting with a delegation from the Arab League to ensure Saeed Alhadi Counsel – Director of the Department of Health, the Technical Secretariat official of the Council of Arab Ministers of Health, Dr. Moses Kurdish, a member of the Arab Authority for the development of health care and health education . Dr. Hatem El-Ruby, a member of the Department of Health and humanitarian aid, where the Arab League delegation values ​​positively Union’s activities and achievements during the short period since the founding of the Union.

As it has been discussed ways of cooperation with the Arab League Foundation and the development of bilateral relations for the sake of boosting the status of the Arab doctor around the world.

And also there was a meeting with Dr. Tamam Kilani President of the Federation doctors and pharmacists Austria, where it was agreed to talk of joint cooperation, was consensus on some points of the most important unions call for its members to participate in scientific conferences that will be held.

On the third day of the conference: Arab Doctors Union Delegation in Ukraine participated in the graduation of students from Ajman University of Science and ceremony technology different terms of reference (medicine, engineering, etc.) under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi – Ruler of Ajman – Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ajman University Science and Technology, and then was a meeting with His Excellency Osama Saeed Salman, Vice President of the University, which invited the unions to actively participate in scientific conferences in the future in the emirate of Ajman.

was subsequently visit the Middle hospital where hospitalization has an introductory tour and its divisions and potential diagnostic, therapeutic, and discussed ways to develop scientific and medical relations between the Union and the hospital.