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The meeting was attended by members of the governing body of the Union, Dr. Salem Hanon, Dr. Mohammed al-Obeidi, Dr. Mohamed Arar, D.aoad Quraishi, attended the Assembly of Dr. Fayez Amro Vice President of the Assembly. He also expressed Dr. Rami Abu Shamsieh President of the Union for joy and delight with such agreements, which urges them on social and humanitarian cooperation, which flows into its role in the Arab expatriates interest, as confirmed Abu Shamsieh that our union will always be supportive of all the Arab and Islamic social organizations in the country, including controls it Union areas of medical assistance and advice and services such as disclosed other side, Mr. Abdul Shaker Jabour his joy and gratitude on this agreement, which will reflect in the future some sort of harmony between the various social and humanitarian organizations in the Ukrainian Republic.